Saving Jane & Joe

Citizens need to know that unborn babies in the 3rd-trimester are able to survive outside the womb and deserve to have the opportunity to be born alive and live with parents who are able to take good care of them. “Saving Jane & Joe” brings awareness to the moral fact that up-to-birth-abortion should not be legal in the 3rd-trimester pregnancy.

Some people object to making 3rd-trimester abortions illegal. Physical deformities, genetic disorders such as Down Syndrome, and severe birth defects are the main reasons why some people think 3rd-trimester abortions should be allowed in certain situations of great tragedy. ProLife should be prepared and ready to respond to this kind of objection.

  1. Sometimes a genetic test gives an incorrect reading.
  2. Sometimes a baby is diagnosed with no brain, but the baby actually does have a brain. A mother told her story of not aborting her son with no brain. She said her son did have a brain at birth. It was scrunched up. Over time, her son’s brain stretched back out to normal, and he is now living a normal life.
  3. Parents with a Down Syndrome child often give the testimony of seeing the blessing of incredible character where the child loves deeply, accepts others unconditionally, expresses great joy, and thinks the best of others.
  4. Miscarriages before twenty weeks, stillborns after twenty weeks, and early childhood tragedies all deserve to be treated with compassion. These babies should be given a proper burial and treated with dignity.

Sometimes what seems like might be a tragedy turns out not to be a tragedy at all. In other situations, a real tragedy can turn into a blessing. Life should be valued for however long we have it. Always say no to late term abortions because 3rd-trimester babies can survive outside the womb, and they deserve an opportunity to live and be loved.