Saving Jane and Joe

A Campaign To End Heinous Third-Trimester Abortions

Hi! My name is Heather Schuldt. I am a mother of three, and I believe that all unborn babies have the right to live. According to statistics, most people (80% of Americans) understand and agree that terminating a pregnancy in the third-trimester should not be allowed. In the third-trimester, medical doctors agree that unborn babies can survive outside the womb. This is why I have started a campaign in 2019 called “Saving Jane and Joe” to save babies from being terminated in the third-trimester.

I am asking you to agree that we need to make it illegal in the United States of America for anyone to perform an induced abortion in the third-trimester. Educating people is a must. We can no longer terminate babies due to a false precept of healthcare.

Since rare pregnancies exist each year such as a fetus with anencephaly, a baby who seems to have missing parts of the brain and/or missing parts of the skull. Some doctors give these unborns no chance of survival. This unusual situation seems like a tragedy, and some of these unborns do not survive outside the womb, but cases DO exist where the baby DOES survive after birth, living a normal life, and the brain becomes normal after birth. In some cases, the baby’s brain has been squashed in the womb, but it expands back out to normal after birth, and the baby lives a normal life, developing as a normal child.

Since women and men today, and even many doctors, are greatly misinformed when it comes to distraught pregnant women and rare medical situations, we are long overdue in taking each defect issue one at a time to see what needs to be done. estimates that about 1,206 pregnancies will have anencephaly each year. Possible causes might be from what the mother eats, drinks, or medicine she takes. As with any other defect or disability, it is immoral to terminate the human being. Death is tragic part of life, but inducing abortion is a form of murder and should be illegal. The unborn baby should have the right to survive outside the womb.

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Heather Schuldt

Concerned Mother of Three

Heather Schuldt


  1. Humanity – In the third trimester, the unbaby is both a person and a human being.
  2. Right to Live – In the third trimester, the unbaby is a human being who has the right to live.
  3. Immorality – In the third trimester, it is immoral to end the pregnancy on purpose, a procedure that the medical field calls an “induced abortion.’
  4. Terminating – Terminating a pregnancy in the third trimester as a form of induced abortion should not be allowed.
  5. Ban – Terminating a pregnancy in the third trimester as a form of induced abortion in the USA should be illegal in all fifty states and by federal law.

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