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IMMEDIATE NEED: Please sign a pro life petition to end 3rd trimester abortions. This petition was filed at the White House on January 7, 2019, and it is only open for a limited time at the White House: for 30 days. The deadline for you to sign this pro life petition is February 6, 2019.

Deadline: Wed., Feb. 6, 2019

The White House requires you to “sign and verify” or else they do not count it. This means that you sign the petition by leaving your name and mail, and then you must find the email from the White House in your inbox where you are required to click on verify. The White House requires 100,000 people to sign the petition by February 6, 2019, in order to get a response from the White House. If you are reading this after February, you have missed the date, but you can sign my personal petition that I will keep open for the entire year in 2019. Please sign both if you can. Thank you!


Saving Jane and Joe

A Campaign To End Heinous Third Trimester Abortions

Hi! My name is Heather Schuldt. I am a mother of three and a human being who believes that in a baby’s third trimester, the baby and mother are both human beings who both should have the right to live. According to statistics, most people agree that terminating a pregnancy as a form of birth control in the third trimester should not be allowed. This is why I have started a campaign in 2019 called “Saving Jane and Joe” to save babies from being terminated in the third trimester. I am also asking you to agree with so many American citizens that we need to make it illegal in the United States of America for anyone to perform an abortion (on a physically healthy mother with no life threatening medical issues) in the third trimester. In the following two paragraphs, I will show why educating people is a must. We can no longer terminate millions of babies due to other medical issues.

Since rare pregnancies exist each year such as a fetus with anencephaly, a baby without parts of the brain and skull who has no chance of survival, these unusual situations must be properly addressed on an individual basis. Since women and men today are greatly misinformed when it comes to distraught pregnant women and rare medical situations, we are long overdue in taking each defect issue one at a time to see what needs to be done. For example, serious birth defects such as anencephaly are immediately seen at birth. Almost all babies born with anencephaly will die shortly after birth. estimates that about 1,206 pregnancies will have anencephaly each year. Possible causes might be from what the mother eats, drinks, or medicine she takes. As with any other defect or disability, it is immoral to terminate the human being.

In addition, hospitals should not be allowed to write the term “abortion” on a take home paper of a woman who had a miscarriage. The reason that hospitals should NOT use the term abortion is because a miscarriage is when the fetus dies in the womb on its own. Even though the removal procedure is similar, a miscarriage is not the same as a doctor of some kind terminating a living fetus. According to WebMD, about 80% of miscarriages occur within the first three months. WebMD defines a miscarriage as the “loss of a fetus before the 20th week of pregnancy.” WebMD goes on to agree that an “abortion” is not the proper definition of a miscarriage. Miscarriages after 20 weeks occur 20% of the time and are termed late miscarriages.

Please sign my personal petition below by leaving your name and email, type the words “Saving Jane and Joe,” and click submit. This will add your name to my email list where I can keep in touch with you by email once a week or as needed. My hope is to send you a campaign update by email. If you do not want to be added to my email campaign list, that is fine with me. Either way, educating individuals is a must. We can no longer sit and do nothing while millions of normal babies are terminated from healthy mothers, based on a much smaller number of birth defects.

Why two petitions? 1.) One petition is filed at the White House where hopefully they will count each person properly. The White House requires you to “sign and verify” or else they do not count it. 2.) The other petition is at this website where you can be certain your name will be counted.


DO NOT MAKE A DONATION to “Saving Jane and Joe” unless you believe 3rd-trimester (7 months old to 9 months old) abortions as a form of birth control are immoral and should be illegal. If you make a donation, all the donations are applied to the campaign to end 3rd-trimester abortions as described above.

After you make a decision to help end third trimester abortions in the USA, please leave your name and email below at this Lamb’s Bride website. You are welcome to make a donation to the non profit organization, where action is being taken to end third trimester abortions. 

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EDUCATE: Please begin to educate yourself on the statistics for 3rd-trimester abortions:

According to CDC statistics, less than 2% of the abortions in 2015 were performed after 20 weeks old (after 5 months old). Babies in the third trimester can survive outside the womb. It is very rare, but a case has been documented where a baby was born by an emergency c-section at 26 weeks old and survived with the help of doctors and sophisticated life support machines.

In the third trimester, the baby’s cartilage becomes bone, the skin becomes opaque, touch receptions will be fully developed around 29-30 weeks, and the baby’s brain grows fast. Educate young women all over the world that babies in the third trimester should have the right to live just as the pregnant mother has the right to live. In the rare case where a pregnant mother is truly in a life threatening situation and the baby has died on its own in the womb, it is better to save the mother than to lose both. Terminating defective or disabled fetuses is immoral.

TERMINOLOGY MANDATORY: An abortion is defined as a surgical procedure performed by a clinician, intended to terminate a pregnancy. An abortion is NOT a miscarriage. Start your own campaign to enforce hospitals to use the proper terms at the hospital when talking to the woman who had a miscarriage. Hospitals should not be allowed to write the term “abortion” in their computer or on any take home paper related to the woman who had a miscarriage.

COUNCIL: Start an official group of pro life people who consult together on how to help distraught pregnant women on an individual basis. Distraught women who are not sure what to do about an unwanted pregnancy need immediate love, support, grace, and proper encouragement. Distraught women need to know that adoption is better than terminating a human being. Start an online pro life council for distraught pregnant women. Distraught women need immediate care for difficult moments.

AWARENESS: Next, post this campaign! “Saving Jane and Joe”

SUGGESTIONS WELCOME: Any questions or suggestions you might have about this fundraiser to stop third trimester abortions, please send to:

Please leave your name and email below and make a donation today! Let this be a world where we love life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!! Let this be a world where we protect both the unborn and the mother who does not know what to do about her unwanted pregnancy.

Heather Schuldt

Mother of Three

Heather Schuldt

About Heather Schuldt:

Heather Schuldt participated in a campaign that led to President George W. Bush signing the partial birth abortion ban in 2003. No legal progress has been made since 2003. We have seen an increase in pro life marches and new pregnancy crisis centers, but we are long overdue in taking the next step to ban 3rd-trimester abortions.


  1. Humanity – In the third trimester, the baby is a human being.
  2. Right to Live – In the third trimester, the baby is a human being who has the right to live.
  3. Immorality – In the third trimester, it is immoral to end the pregnancy as a form of birth control.
  4. Terminating – Terminating a pregnancy in the third trimester as a form of birth control should not be allowed in the USA.
  5. Ban – Terminating a pregnancy in the third trimester as a form of birth control in the USA should be illegal.

By leaving your name, email, and typing the words “Saving Jane and Joe,” you are telling me that you care about ending third trimester abortions in a way that honors both the mother and the baby. By leaving your name below, you are adding your name to my personal petition to end third trimester abortions that are being performed as birth control in the USA. You can be sure that I WILL count your name in this petition. I will keep my petition open all year long in 2019. I recommend that you sign both petitions. You do not need to donate, but please sign the petition below. Thank you!

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